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Hi there

No doubt you’ve heard the expression ‘speed is of the essence’…

…and this is never more so than when you are marketing online.

People decide they want to make a go of it online and realise they need to build a list to be most effective.

So far so good.

It’s at this point that things can start going pear shaped.

In an ideal world, once you make the decision to build a list, in a matter of days (or even hours if you are really sharp)

But of course this very rarely happens.

A hundred and one questions suddenly swamp your thinking.

Can you relate to this?

The upshot is you don’t actually DO anything.

This delay also has the effect of quickly diminishing the initial excitement and motivation…

…very often resulting in the idea being dropped completely!

I know I’ve been there (on more than one occasion).

So how can you get over this?

SPEED. Speed is your friend when getting something moving in your business.

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Act quickly and don’t spend too much time thinking the life out of your idea.

One way of making sure you are not spending too much time and effort creating your lead magnet for your list building, is to go down the PLR route.

However all PLR isn’t created the same, if you want a pretty good example at fantastic value, it’s worth checking Ian Del Carmen’s latest offering.

Check out the complete offer below:

Get Lead Magnet Report Here

What he is offering is 5 complete reports in the IM & MMO niches, each with full PLR rights.

In other words you get five reports on five separate topics, all professionally written, and all allowing you to tweak and slap your name on.

Although you could just slap your name on a report (they are more than good enough to use as is), I would for my part recommend that you personalise the information at least a little to start building the rapport with your subscribers..

However you would be amazed how much less time it takes to make a few edits compared to looking at a blank sheet of paper wondering where to start.

The topics you are get included in this bundle are:

•Tips to succeed at IM
•Reasons For IM Failure
•How To Start Making Money Online
•Reasons Why You Can Make Money Online
•9 Ways to Make Money Online

Of course there is nothing stopping you mixing and matching the contents to create as many reports as you want.

With the PLR license you get the options are pretty much endless.

Check out the material for yourself here…

Get Lead Magnet Report Here

As well as saving time on the creation of your subscriber pulling lead magnet report, just about all the elements are catered for…

Squeeze pages
Download pages
Swipe mails
Plus a hell of a lot more which you can check out

When I saw exactly how much Ian has crammed into the offer, I assumed it was going to be a pretty hefty price tag to go along with it.

It’s the sort of thing you’d no doubt pay $100’s for if you were to outsource it and therefore I have to admit the price point surprised even me.

See what you think…

Get Lead Magnet Report Here

This is one of those things that even if you don’t have a need for it now, it is most definitely one to grab and file in your resources file for when you do need it…

…I know that’s what I’ll be doing 🙂

Have yourself a great day and I’ll be in touch soon.

All the best

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