From zero to money-making list in just 4 hours?

Oh crap.

I’m an internet marketer
making some ridonkulous
over the top claim in an email.

Do I hear the FBI at my door?


This thing works. (I should
know – I’ve witnessed it firsthand.)

It’s Michael Cheney’s battle-tested method
for getting your own money-making list
from a standing start in just 4 hours flat.

(And some of this time is spent
learning the method – so in
actuality it’s even faster.)

The meat:

You can get your own list
and be making money with
it superfast by following this
step-by-step video training
where you’ll discover shizzle like;

* What the richest list-builders
know about squeeze pages that
others don’t. (And how to use this
secret right away no matter if you’re
a stone-cold newbie.)

* The best way to get people on
your list even if you’re lazy and hate
work. (I’m not gonna say there’s
no work involved but this is
hands-down the easiest way I
know of to get a list fast.)

* A secret squeeze page hack
which gets your more subscribers.
(I rubbed my eyes in disbelief
when I saw how powerful this
was – you’ll love it.)

* A secret “Jack Bauer technique”
which gets you more subscribers
with less work. (And yes – you can
use this to get your own list in the
next 4 hours.)

* How to create a professional
subscriber-attracting freebie without
spending a penny or knowing anything.
(You’ll discover a patented formula
and secret free tools for creating
award-winning freebies which fill
your list with hungry buyers.)

* And money-vault-loads more besides…

Get your own lucrative list right here;


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