From zero to money-making list in just 4 hours?

Oh crap.

I’m an internet marketer
making some ridonkulous
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Do I hear the FBI at my door?


This thing works. (I should
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It’s Michael Cheney’s battle-tested method
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(And some of this time is spent
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The meat:

You can get your own list
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They said Cheeeeese for 8 hours

Did you know?

The first camera ever invented
took a whopping 8 hours to
take a photo.

I can’t get my kids to stay still
for 8 miliseconds for a pic never
mind 8 hours…

Now, of course, things have
moved on and everything’s much

It’s like affiliate marketing;

If you’re just starting out
building your own affiliate
business from the ground
upwards then I’m sorry
to tell you;

You have the very first
invented old school
camera in your hands;

It’s gonna take you a
painfully long time to
get any results out of it.


You take the ultimate shortcut
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It’s called Commissionology.

Jerry Lemieux

Your Path to Online Wealth is Clearly Marked…


Finish this statement:

“If it seems too good to be true, ____________.”

We all get those emails in our in-boxes—you know the kind, right? They go something like this:

Imagine the warmth of a tropical breeze as you dig your toes into white sand. The tinkling of a distant ukulele caresses your ears as the clear aqua tide laps the sandy beach before you.

With your laptop nestled between your deeply-tanned brown legs and washboard stomach, you perform a few quick keystrokes, pull up your online dashboard and discover several deposits into your checking account—sales commissions from your new internet business.

“You’re $50,000 richer overnight.

“Wow,” you chuckle to yourself. “Who would ever believe I could make this kind of money in just a couple weeks? Working only minutes a day?”

You close the laptop and drift off into a contented slumber. Tomorrow you’ll awake, completely refreshed with plenty of energy to check your dashboard again and count your growing fortune.

Yeah…. Right.

Let me assure you right now that you’re not going to see or hear anything like that at the IM Freedom Workshop. (“IM” stands for “Internet Marketing.”)

IM Freedom is a FREE two-hour live event where you will discover Matt Lloyd’s proven business system that’s paid out more than $70 million in commissions to people in 38 countries around the world.

These are commissions of $1,250, $3,300, $5,500, and more, on a single sale.

Plenty of people have used this system to profit from the Internet and attain financial freedom:

* Darren Salkeld, from Canada, $7.9 million

* Paul Lynch, from the UK, $1.9 million

* Bill and Michelle Pescosolido, from Florida, $848,000

Now, those kinds of numbers aren’t typical, but they show you what is possible with the right training. And that’s the kind of training you will receive at the IM Freedom Workshop.

Let me be totally clear: Many people have gotten rich with this system, but it’s not “get-rich-quick.” The system doesn’t do the work. It enables you do it:

* No guesswork

* No coding or website-building

* No cold calling

* No business experience necessary

It’s like a path that has been completely marked out. All you have to do is walk on it.

You just need to arrive at the IM Freedom Workshop. When you hear about Matt’s system, it will make perfect sense.

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Jerry Lemieux


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No – most people do JACK
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Most certainly.

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